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Sport E Benessere in the province

City: Campobello di Mazara
Benikulą-Sibą Cave Benikulą Cave
Benikulà is a locality south of Sibà, where a large rocky fault is situated, from...
City: Pantelleria
As is the rule for a seaside city, it has a tourist port, beaches and well deserving societies...
City: Marsala
Kitesurfing Oriented Nature Reserve “Stagnone Islands”
The archipelago of the Stagnone Islands covers an area of 2000 hectares between Punta S. Teodoro...
City: Marsala
Sataria Cave Sataria Cave
The name comes from the Greek saterià meaning health, in fact, inside the cave there are...
City: Pantelleria
Sailing clubs SCUOLA SUB E VELA
Some diving centres offer scuba diving excursions to discover the splendid coral sea beds of...
City: San Vito Lo Capo
Thermal springs SORGENTI TERMALI
In the surrounding area, in Gorga district on the eastern bank of the Caldo river, on the border...
City: Calatafimi Segesta
Stufa di Kazen STUFA DI KAZEN
A very ancient sauna with two underground areas built making the most of the natural vapours
City: Pantelleria

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