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  • Mother Church
  • Mother Church
  • Mother Church
Mother Church

The mother church was designed in 1972 by Ludovico Quaroni a noted town planner and architect from Rome. On the death of  Quaroni the work was entrusted to Luisa Anversa and Giangiacomo D'Ardia.
Although unfinished, it received the certificato di qualità - quality certificate  from the Regione Siciliana, the first recognition given to a contemporary work and the Direzione generale per l’architettura e l’arte contemporanea - the General Direction for architecture and contemporary art declared it to be of “important artistic interest, in that the modernity of the language used to state the theme of memory and the sacred make it a singular experience in the Italian architectural panorama”. The main contrast of its composition is that of the parallelepiped and the sphere (which reinterprets the pattern of the cupola-apse of Arab and Christian origin). The sphere symbolises the universe, the totality, the Divine, while the parallelepiped symbolises human perfection.

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