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Church of Santa Caterina

A fine Chiaramontano pointed arched doorway with zigzagged, arched lintel on the right side, shows the fourteenth century origins of the church. Founded with the connecting convent in 1318, it was transformed and modified many times until it assumed its present baroque style. The high richly decorated doorway with a window above it and a simulacrum of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria characterises the inspired eighteenth century façade. Also to be noted is the robust bell tower.
The interior is embellished with neoclassic stuccoes and frescoes by Giuseppe Testa from Palermo (1797), who also made the large painting la Gloria di San Benedetto e Santa Scolastica. The marble statue of the saint to whom the church is dedicated is a fine work by Antonello Gagini (1524).
The Benedictine nuns built the connecting convent built an the area of the ex church of Santa Chiara  and enlarged in 1710.

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