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Archaeological site on Mount Castellazzo
On Mount Castellazzo there is an interesting archaeological site where recent excavations have brought to light an ancient settlement presumably of Elymian origins. It is probable that the site, only partly brought to light, and of small dimensions, was inhabited from VII century B.C, even if it is believed that some populations might have lived there in earlier times. According to a local hypothesis, on Mount Castellazzo or Elimo, around the year, 1184 B.C. the city of Elima, was founded, its name taken from the Trojan leader who, fleeing from his city by sea, found salvation on the coast of western Sicily; it is not excluded, however, that it might be the mysterious Entella, the third Elymian city which chronicles by ancient authors talk about, and which, together with Erice and Segesta, was one of the main communities of that civilisation.

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