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Nativity scene in Murano glass
A particular nativity scene in Murano glass is permanently exhibited in a small, post-modern building, behind piazza Elimo, designed by the architects Purini and Termes as a bus station, which has now been transformed into an exhibition room with large windows which allows one to see the so-called presepe incantato – enchanted nativity scene. The seventeen intensely realistic figures of characters and animals which make up the scene measure from thirty to ninety centimetres in height and were made from drawings created by Pippo Madè from Palermo, in the famous Venetian glassware workshops of the renowned maestro Rosin with the particular technique “a mano volante” which allows the creation of chromatic special effects through different types of fusion. The characters are the typical ones of Sicilian nativity scenes: in addition to Mary, Joseph and Jesus, there are also “shepherds” and animals, including a camel

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