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Casa del Pellegrino Museum

The ex Casa del pellegrino e convento dei francescani - pilgrim house and convent of the francescani, a building which conserves architectural elements from the sixteenth century and a stairway from 1601, houses the museum of sacred art, one of the most interesting in the Erice area for its collection of liturgical treasures, silverware and works linked to the cult of the Madonna di Custonaci, including the wooden aedicule with Madonna in trono con Bambino - Madonna on a throne with child, by a Sicilian engraver of the end of the XV century beginning of the XVI century. Also exhibited are some procession standards, wooden statues, ex voto, paintings, portraits. One historic relic is of particular importance: The elegant and robust chest in decorated wood, used for the transport-to and from Erice- of the precious painting of the Madonna di Custonaci. Designed by priest Carlo Peraino, it was made by the cabinet maker Giuseppe Loretta (1831).

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